"Absolutely love Dr. Dolberg. He is patient, thorough, and effective."

- Vivian S.

Wonderful Experience

"Wonderful experience every time!"

- Haley B.

Relief from Joint Pain

"Refreshingly competent and amenable staff provided significant relief from joint pain and afforded me a first visit the next day, as requested but not expected. I highly recommend this clinic for all duress relief and exigent maintenance of health."

- Raphaela R.

Excellent Service

"I have been going to Family Chiropractic of Springfield for many years. Dr. D has gotten me through some difficult times. I would not go to anyone but Dr. D. The office staff are wonderful too. Thanks Dr. D!"

- Ann K.

"Congratulations to Dr. Dolberg! He certainly is the best in my mind as well."

-Leroy T.


"Not only is he a world class chiropractor, he is really a world class person. Lots of people only fall into one category or the other but he definitely both. Always personaable and just an all around “great guy”. I hope his family knows and appreciates how great he is."

- Dorothy

Adjustment on October 8

"Very friendly, professional, and effective"

- Judy D.

Quality Care

"I suffered from neck and back pain which were causing me headaches. I saw both Doctors at Family Chiropractic while being treated. Over a series of treatments they did a great job of alleviating the pain and eliminating the headaches. The staff at Family Chiropractic was friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I would highly recommend them to any one suffering back or neck pain."

- G.C.

Outstanding Service

"The treatments are sensitive to needs, and the appointments are flexible. I recommend the Family Chiropractic of Springfield."

- Marjorie P.

Great Chiropractor!!

"I recently returned to live in the Springfield, VA area and went back to Dr. Dolberg. I like his style of adjusting, the staff is friendly and helpful, and he always takes time to have a quick chat no matter how busy the office is."

- Theresa C.

Patient Care

"As always, I receive excellent and conscientious care at Family Chiropractic."

- Anonymous

Always Taking Care of Me.

"As a long term chiropractic care patient, appreciate the quick access and great treatment."

- Gary L.

It Was a Great Aug 12, 2012

"I always have a great experience with Family Chiropractic of Springfield."

- Anonymous

Excellent Service, Friendly Team

"I’ve been going to Dr. Dolberg for over 20 years and he has been a big part of a healthier lifestyle for me. He’s gotten me through some very difficult physical maladies. He and his staff provide a good mix of professionalism with friendliness and caring. Service is always timely. The office is super-tidy, and there is always educational material available to keep us up to date. The e-newsletter is well-crafted and informative, and I appreciate the availability now of e-confirmation for appointments. I highly recommend Family Chiropractic!"

- Gretchen L.

Great Hospitality!!

- Martin H.

"Everybody does a wonderful job in taking care of you from start to finish! Thank You!! Full trust and faith in my chiropractic treatment."

- Terry G.

"Having arthritis – it truly amazes me when I can get pain relief without any type of drug (i.e. Tylenol, Advil, Aleve or the stronger stuff) Dr. Dolberg is great and so is his staff!

Great place to get your back cracked :)"

- Anonymous

A Great Chiropractic Experience!

"Dr. Dolberg and his associates are amazing in every way. They listen to you, educate you, help you solve your back issues, and make you feel right at home."

- Margarety

"I always welcome to visit to see Dr. Dolberg because I always leave feeling better. I work hard, play hard and probably need to see him more often. I’ve learned over the years to listen to my body when I need a chiropractic adjustment. I think many people do not realized that when your spine is out of alinement many problem can surface and will not get better till you aline the spine!"

- Anonymous

Chiro with Dr Dolbreg

"I have been going to Dr. Dolberg for adjustments for about 2 months. This time for lower back problems.I am feeling 100 percent better. Dr. Dolberg is a true professional and very thorough. I first went to him over 30 years ago when he was first starting out and my children were small. I had the same lower back problems but much worse. He was able to give me blessed relief – if I listened to him! The office is very relaxed and inviting. The staff are wonderful and caring. They make every effort to accommodate those of us in pain in a timely manner. I can’t believe that I saw him in my 20′s and now in my 60′s!! I don’t think that I will be moving far from hos office any time soon as he makes me feel so good!!!!

Thank you Dr. Dolberg and all your staff."

- Jennifer

Best Chiropractic Care Ever!

"This is the best chiropractic care I have ever received. The Dr and staff were very personable and helpful. The Doctor took the time to understand my symptoms, fully explain the situation and provide the care needed. The entire staff was very welcoming.
Their system for care is very modern and convenient. I will be referring them!"

- Jeremy T.


"Dr. Dolberg helped my neck tremendously! My neck was so stiff I was having trouble turning to back up my car. Over the course of several visits my neck is good as new. The staff are always pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend this Chiropractor."

- Susan G.


"Krissy is a wonderful therapist and always gives me relief from stiffness."

- Marjorie P.


"Amazing job getting rid of a neck pain I suffered with for a week prior to going in. Should have gone in sooner!"

- Anonymous

Pain Relief

"Dr. Dolberg and his entire staff are professional, caring, and kind at all times. Dr. Dolberg manages to grant relief from severe neck and back pain during each visit. Wonderful practice!"

- Andrew G.

Always the Best

"I have always had the best experience."

- Mary M.

Great Chiropractic Care

"They keep my back in good shape."

- Lisa M.


"Accommodating…enjoy working with extended team."

- Anonymous

Superb Service and Outcome

"I had a week-long lower back pain and contemplated whether it was serious enough to justify a visit to the chiropractor’s office. I made the decision to try and get a near-term appointment, which I was not only able to arrange that very same day but there was an opening within less than an hour. Went through the procedure and it saved me from an entire weekend of slow movement and wasted opportunity."

- David C.


"The adjustment really helped, and everyone is so friendly and helpful."

- Judy D.

Referencing My Last Recent Appointment

"My appointment was great! I am feeling much better now."

- Margaret Y.

Chiropractic Care

"Been a client for over 4 months now, Highly recommend Dr. Dolberg and staff. Great pretreatment, excellent adjustments, and very timely service. Little or no wait time, great staff, give them a try."

- Mike M.

Visit Evaluation

"Staff was wonderful and got me in quickly."

- Anonymous


"Normal, no issue, still stiff."

- Elizabeth L.

Old Patient

"I have been a patient of Dr. Dolberg's for over 20 years. He is very kind, caring, supportive and all around great Doctor. Five stars! His staff is also warm and caring as well I would recommend him to any and all inquiring minds."

- Dorene E.

Always Friendly and Helpful

"I have been going to this Chiropractor for over 10 years now, not always consistently. They have always been very kind, professional and willing to accommodate my ever changing schedule."

- Anonymous

Good Care

"I like both chiropractors at Family Chiropractic. Great staff too."

- Lisa M.

Happy Patient

"I have had 2 appointments so far and both appointments have been great. Everyone in the office has been excellent, my appointments have been on time. I have been given a detailed explanation of my issue and what the plan to fix it is."

- Todd L.

Routine Maintenance

"Excellent service and invaluable recommendation on using a shoe insert while I’m using a walking boot (required for a broken ankle) – see you next Saturday morning."

- Michael H.

The People That Carry the Light!

"Everybody in the office is always wonderful!The atmosphere itself is healing! You all carry the light!"

- Gustava Z.


"I went to family chiropractic in the past and have decided to go to them again due to their quality care and the fact I was rear-ended in a car accident. They are professional, flexible, gave me excellent care and are still giving me excellent care. They are also wonderful with working with insurance companies as to take that extra stress off of me in trying to be a middle person. I never had to get documentation from them and then deal with the insurance company in gathering info from the doctor and sending it in to them etc. Family Chiropractic speaks with and takes care of all dealings until the end. I just discussed end results with the insurance company. My responsibility was to feel better! Thank you Family Chiropractic!"

- Anonymous


"I had an appointment for a massage on Friday, March 2. While the massage itself was good, I never, ever, want to see the massage therapist again. She never stopped chatting! When I pay for a soothing, relaxing massage, I do not want/need to participate in small talk. I want calming music and silence from the therapist. Next time, please, tell me who is on call for the day so I can decide to reschedule to avoid this specific person."

- Elizabeth L.

Don’t Give Up

"About 30 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I’ve tried lots of “treatments” over the years but for most part I just went to bed, turned on the electric blanket to high and hoped I could walk and move the next day without crying. You see I’d hurt like I was bruised all over. Even my skin would be sensitive. That was the condition I was in when I had a visit with Dr. D last week. I told him I didn’t think we should do and adjustment and that in the past it only made things worse to do much of anything. He simply asked me if i trusted him, which I do and he did his magic. I left the office beginning to feel somewhat human and just kept improving for the rest of the day. The next day I was out working in the garden potting plants and pulling weeds. The lesson here is it’s never too late to find the right therapy and never give up looking for the right doctor for you. I feel I’ve found the answer to both needs here with Dr. Dolberg and company."

- Micki K.

Relief From the Pain.

"I would recommend seeing a chiropractor to anyone, especially the ones at Family Chiropractic of Springfield. I’ve always received excellent service from the entire staff and relief from the pain that brought me to them."

- James B.


"I have been to this practice seeing Dr. Dolberg for a little over a year. The Doctor and Staff are wonderful."

- Anonymous

Excellent Chiropractors

"Great as always! I’ve been going here for several years."

- Lisa M.

The Right Place

"Here is where every one who even thinks they might feel better if they tried Chiropractic should come. The healing starts with the front desk staff, who make you feel as if you’ve been a friend forever, to the we’re done for today hugs. Over the years I’ve been to other practices and they’ve helped but this is where you go to get healed. Thanks for the GREAT care."

- Michelle K.

"My lower right side back is doing better."

- Kim M.

Office is So Helpful

"I always have the most pleasant experience with Dr. Dolberg and his staff. They are great about fitting me in even same day. My entire family goes to him and loves the whole office!"

- Jessica W.

Very Satisfied Long time User of Chiropractic Care

"Been going to Dr. Dolberg for a couple of months now and I am more than satisfied. He has a great deal of “finesse” in the adjustment procedure, I have never been adjusted with so little pressure or difficulty. The pre-adjustment treatment is spot on and the Techs are very helpful. They are very efficient in processing both in and out of the appointment, and I have not experienced any waits. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone who is in need of help."

- Mike M.

One Happy Filipino!!!

"Ladies are always very polite and they laugh at my jokes, which is very important. Both doctors have magic hands. Highly recommend this office. I came in unable to move my neck and they fixed me right up. Great place."

- Dennis M.

Great Chiropractors

"I’ve always had a good experience at Family Chiropractic no matter who does the adjusting. They helped me get through the last few years of my military career when arthritis and back problems became an issue. The office managers are especially nice and set the tone for the office."

- Lisa M.


"Feeling great. Dr. did a wonderful session."

- Kim M.

Dr. Dolberg Has That Magic Touch!!!

"Dr. Dolberg is a caring and warm Chiropractor. He has a very holistic approach which is both physical and spiritually healing. Not only that…he always know exactly where to “crack” me and his adjustments are gentle and exact."

- Gustava Z.

Aches and Pains

"Top Flight care. All personnel are very nice and pleasant. They always are very interested in being helpful and helping you get better."

- Esther W.

The Right Practice Was the Best Practice

"I’ve had issues with my back since 1997. The ladies and gentlemen who represent Family Chiropractic of Springfield have done an excellent job in making sure my visit was comfortable and productive. I did not feel rushed and on my first visit I saw two doctors and an assistant. This was especially important for me as I felt like I was being evaluated on many levels of experience and knowledge. They also took time to evaluate my level of understanding in our general conversations and explained very technical and scientific issues in a manner that I could comprehend."

- Peter G.

Quality of Care at Family Chiropractic

"When they say “family”, they mean it. It’s felt in the environment, and, most importantly, in the treatment provided. I wouldn’t entrust my vertebra to anyone else if I could help it."

- Andre D.

Feedback – Family Chiropractic

"Always thoroughly professional and pain-easing experience."

- Frederick B.

Great Office!

"I am a long time patient of Dr. Dolberg’s. The excellent care he gives and his friendly manner makes each visit a pleasant one. All of this carries over to his wonderful staff. They are great too."

- Theresa R.

Massage with Chrissy

"In a word — Outstanding!"

- William W.

Last Visit

"Always a great experience, pleasant and professional atmosphere."

- Andrew B.


"As a patient of this practice for several months,I continue to heal. When I started I could not sit normally and needed 3 visits weekly. Now I sit normally much of the time, do daily home exercises, and visit every 2 weeks. This kind, caring competent staff has helped immensely."

- Susan H.

Truly a Family Place!

"Dr. Dolberg greeted my husband and I in the waiting room and all the staff spent a lot of time explaining the x-rays to make sure we knew what they were talking about. Thank you guys!"

- Anonymous

Conscientious, Caring, Knowledgeable… What every medical office should be!

"I have been seeing the staff at Family Chiropractic of Springfield for several months now for severe pain and physical problems. I have found them to always be courteous, efficient and prompt. It is a really caring team of individuals who are constantly looking out for my health and my satisfaction. I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking complete Chiropractic and nutritional care."

- Wynn C.


"What can I say, other than, to see Dr. Dolberg and his entire staff is the high-lite of my week.

I arrive crippled with lower back pain and leave like I can be on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”.

Dr. Dolberg is truly amazing, not only as an excellent Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, but also, he is truly one of the finest people that you can ever have the pleasure of knowing."

- Mike M.

Excellent Chiropractors

"Very affordable, friendly, and competent."

- Anonymous

Excellent Doctor

"I am 63 and had never been to a chiropractor. Dr. Dolberg really takes the time to listen and educate patients. He knew I was fearful , he respected my fear, and we moved slowly. He took lots of time to listen to me. I would recommend him to anyone. He helped me get out of pain. I used their excellent web site that is helpful and informative. In addition the entire staff is kind and compassionate."

- Anonymous

Severe Back Pain

"I can’t remember why I had this severe back pain but my brother told me about Family Chiropractic of Springfield and how he has had good luck with Dr. Dolberg so I thought that I would give him a try. For at least a year I have seen mainly Dr. Dolberg, he and his staff have been nothing but generous and down-to-earth. With the combination of Dr. Dolberg’s help and with my own doing by doing the exercises at home while trying to eat better, I have lost some weight and the adjustments have really helped me feel more aligned and more importantly with a heck of a lot of less pain. I highly recommend Family Chiropractic to anyone who needs help with their body, the only thing you’d lose is pain but you might be able to gain more knowledge on how to better take care of yourself."

- Jennifer C.

Excellent Chiropractic Care

"I have always had excellent care at the facility, but the friendliness of the staff is fabulous. They take the time to not only remember names, but they remember YOU as well."

- Katy C.

Personalized Service

"I appreciate the personalized service Family Chiropractic of Springfield always provides! Thank you!"

- Shannon Y.

#1 Chiropractor

"I really never liked going to the doctors for any reason but I always look forward to see Dr. Dolberg and his staff. I tip toed into his office and came out feeling so much better. I would recommend this practice to anyone that needs help."

- Medardo M.

A Breath of Fresh Air

"Family Chiropractic is a wonderful breath of fresh air! My brother referred me to them 4 years ago and we are both still patients today. Dr. Dolberg is very knowledgeable, thorough and diligent in his care. Not to mention he has a great sense of humor! His staff is polite and pleasant and, even though their office is always very busy, you never have to wait and you never feel rushed! What a breath of fresh air! I would highly recommend them!"

- Jennifer T.

Chronic Cervical Spine Issues

"Having recently moved to the Springfield, VA area from the Czech Republic, I began to panic when my chronic cervical spine issue flared up and I needed to find relief. I have never been to a chiropractor prior to visiting Dr. Dolberg’s office and I was quite apprehensive and nervous upon making an appointment at the Family Chiropractic of Springfield for the next morning. Not only did Dr. Dolberg address my chronic problem, he also swiftly diagnosed me with TMJ, which my previous doctors completely disregarded. I am now in the process of receiving treatment for both my cervical spine and TMJ and I am now, mere 7 days and 3 appointments later, beginning to feel relief.

My husband accompanied me to my first appointment and stayed with me during the consultation and the whole treatment; Dr. Dolberg and his staff did not seem to mind at all, and they made us both feel very welcome and well cared for. I would happily recommend Dr. Dolberg’s office to anyone suffering from cervical spine/TMJ problems."

- Dagmar P.

Improved Back Health

"I have been going to this office and being treated by since 2008 and I would recommend this office. Dr Dolberg (and all of the Dr’s he has had on his team) have always shown interest in my health and treatment and have improved my quality of life, providing me with improved back health and limiting my back pain much over the years. I say limit vs remove, because i have a torn disk and unless i opt for surgery (not suggested by orthopedist at this point) I will always have some sort of back pain, so between chiropractic

This office has an RN / Nutritionist on staff, Carol Epner. With her guidance and expertise I have been able to lose approximately 45 lbs so far in a healthy way, within approximately 4-5 months (without weight loss drugs). This office has an amazing staff as well when it comes to getting you in for appointments or assisting with medical billing or insurance issues (I have always felt my care was more important than who my insurance company is)… everyone is friendly and always willing to assist. Additionally i have made use of their massage services from time to time.. seeing various therapists over the years… all who have exceeded expectations. Between the staff and the care, i have felt very much at home at Family Chiropractic and Counseling over the past 3 years."

- Colleen E.

Major Low Back Problems

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Dolberg at Family Chiropractic of Springfield for approx. 18 months now. He is great as is the staff. I was having major lower back problems to the point that I couldn’t sleep at night. I now have very few issues and I owe it to Dr. Dolberg."

- Carryn S.

Lower Back Spasms

"Dr. Dolberg has treated me for lower back spasms. The staff has given me excellent care and Dr. Dolberg’s treatments have given me outstanding results. My wife, Elaine has been treated by Dr. Dolberg for many years. She has always been impressed with her results and often recommends Family Chiropractic of Springfield."

- Nevin G.

Herniated Disc

"I have been a patient of Dr. Dolberg for 5 years. I now go in for periodic adjustments now for a chronic back problem with herniated disc. I have been very happy with the therapy and his pain free adjustments. I would highly recommend this practice (and have on several occasions). The care and attention given to each patient is excellent."

- Kristi O.

Help for My Family

"I was referred to Dr. Dolberg at Family Chiropractic four years ago when we moved into the area. I find him to be caring, kind & concerned about his patient’s welfare. He is extremely competent & is always learning the latest advances in Chiropractic techniques. Dr. Dolberg actually “partners” with his patients to do what’s best to bring them to optimum health. He gets to the basis of what is causing your pain & then sets out to help you through Chiropractic, exercises, etc.

He has helped myself & my family on many occasions. I have recommended him to many of our friends, who too have found help & a compassionate environment at Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Dolberg’s staff is friendly & very efficient. They work with many different insurance companies & do it well."

- Doxandra M.

Interested in My Well-Being

"At my first visit Dr. Dolberg offered to help connect me to a practice closer to my home/job when he found out I was driving 20 minutes to get there. I declined, as I was referred there by a friend. But this was a good indication right away that he was more interested in my well-being than filling up the appointment book. I made probably 25-30 visits over the better part of a year. It took a long time but the neck issue that had bothered me for 2 years finally went away under his care and has not returned in the few months since. The staff is very warm and friendly and there was never any waiting to speak of, at least at my typical 9:30 time slot. If I still lived in the area I would go back in a heartbeat."

- Matt B.

Education On My Nervous System

"Dear Dr. Dolberg,
Since I met you I really have been educated on how the nervous system works. The passion you have for your work really is shown by the good results I have experienced from my scheduled office visits. When I explain how I feel, you know exactly the area of my spine to give the greatest attention. You are the only doctor I’ve gone to, where I have walked out the door feeling better than I did going in. No prescription needed. Your office is always full of patients, waiting for you to work your Magic;, drug free. Thank you for making me feel fantastic."

- William P.

"Dr. Dolberg is a Pro. His entire office included. He worked the pain out of my neck, shoulders and back in just a few appointments. They had been building up for years and massage was only working temporarily.

I feel like a new person. Thank you."

- Anonymous

"My last appointment was Dec. 2, 2014. My next appointment is January 13, 2015. I return every 4 to 6 weeks on a maintenance basis. I initially went 2 to 3 times a week for back pain, until the pain was completely dissipated."

- Anonymous

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