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Chiropractic Springfield VA Fitness Rehab

We believe in a well-rounded approach to health-care and incorporate progressive functional rehabilitation exercises as part of our fitness and rehab treatment plans in Springfield VA. This includes but is not limited to: ergonomic evaluations, neuromuscular re-education, postural correction, improved coordination, core strengthening, stable base training, flexibility enhancement, proprioceptive training, spinal (core) stabilization, traction and decompression.

Several techniques and multiple tools are utilized in our efforts to help you. Examples of some of these methods are as follows:

Swiss Ball Exercise Training

This form of training facilitates not only core stabilization, but also enhanced recruitment of muscles essential for good posture, improved coordination and support, which is important for full spine health. When reaching an advanced level, this can also be used as a self mobilization of the SI joint between visits.

Chiropractic Springfield VA Woman On Ball

Posture Pump - Traction - Decompression

In order to help manage postural, structural and degenerative conditions, which may include: disc herniation, brachial neuropathies, thoracic outlet, sciatica, etc… We incorporate the use of techniques and devices that help to improve disc health, a reduction in muscle guarding, the introduction of spinal reshaping and decompression.


As a preliminary and ongoing process, we instruct specific gentle stretching maneuvers in order to regain flexibility in restricted and immobilized regions responsible for pain. Properly performed stretching is safe, effective and helpful a helpful component in treating and preventing injuries. Reports of performance decreases have been noted and we can explain how to gain the improvements with stretching without the loss of performance.

Foam Roller Training

The roller acts as a compressive tool that permits deep tissue massage and promotes spinal mobilization along with improved body coordination and postural reshaping. This simple tool along with specialized techniques can be incorporated to help manage many conditions where tight muscles, trigger points and connective tissue problems are involved. Foam rolling can elongate and relax muscles without the negative performance effects of static stretching.

Chiropractic Springfield VA Foam Roller

Balance Pad Training

An AJSM study in 2007 (recent study - Thera-Band Academy) found a 77% reduction in non-contact inversion ankle sprains when using stability pad training. This is critical for the elite athlete, the weekend warrior and anyone that walks upright.

It is also very important for us as we age, because one of the greatest concerns with the elderly is fall prevention.
Ankle sprains tend to be recurrent and the critical factor in recovery beyond pain relief to prevent recurrence is training proprioception (joint positional awareness). This is the purpose of stability training.

Chiropractic Springfield VA Balance

Physiotherapy Springfield VA

Sports injuries constitute a significant part of our practice and encompass a wide variety of conditions that we treat through the use of physiotherapy modalities (muscle stim, ultrasound, interferential, ice, heat), chiropractic adjustive techniques, exercise rehabilitation, and in some circumstances the application of custom orthotics, specialized supportive devices, nutritional supplementation and much more.

Keep in mind that chiropractic is not limited to the spine. We are trained to handle injuries and conditions that involve not only the neck and back, but also shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, ankles, wrists, feet and everything in between.

The sooner you take action, the sooner we may be able to help you. Contact us, Family Chiropractic of Springfield, and get started today!


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