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Massage Therapist

Chrissy Hummel

I have found a real joy in treating people and being a part of their healing process. I began my career in Massage Therapy over five years ago. I originally pursued Massage Therapy because it gave me the freedom to spend more time with my daughter.

While in school, I developed a passion for pain recovery and pain management. This passion led me to choose to work in the medical field as opposed to a Spa environment. The immense reward that I feel as I watch my patients return to a better quality of life from feeling less pain has made me very grateful that I chose this path.

Being an ex-athlete, I understand pain, injuries and the importance of a fast recovery after surgery. When you are in pain, your body begins to change to compensate for the injured or strained area. When you "baby" the affected area, atrophy can occur making range of motion even more difficult. The muscles that compensate for this become over worked and can soon become affected as well. These overworked muscles may develop painful knots. The good news… Massage Therapy can fix most of these problems by treating not only the painful area, but all the connecting, compensating muscle and tissue.

I have helped years of chronic pain be managed and sometimes cured. My Continuing Education in Medical Massage helps to further train me in all types of cases. Depending on the case, I may incorporate Magnetic Massage and Electrical Stimulating pen to assist with the treatment process. I have had the honor of working with women throughout their entire pregnancy, including up to 2 hours prior to a scheduled c-section and then post surgery. Many surgeries such as knee, hip and shoulder replacements benefit from Post Surgery Massage. Keeping all of the surrounding muscles and tissues loose aids in maintaining good blood flow to the affected areas which promotes faster healing.

Massage Therapy works tremendously well if you are struggling with mental and stressful issues. I have a 90% success rate of getting rid of headaches and migraines before a client leaves the office.

I have been told by my clients that I have a warm personality and that they feel at ease and relaxed rather quickly in my presence. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you, a friend or a family member with any massage needs.

Thank you for your consideration and please call (703) 569-1300 with any questions or concerns that I can help with regarding Massage Therapy.


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